9th Art provides a variety of communications assistance for your business.


Branding deals with the creation of a perception. Branding helps promote products and services by creating high recall value and aspiration for goods and services. Our services include:


The basic building block of a brand, the positioning creates mindshare by exactly defining what you stand for.

Identity Development (Co-ordination & Design)

Visual design elements like logos play a key role in helping customers and potential customers identify a company from its competition.

Brand Collateral (Co-ordination & Design)

While logos are a key element of identity, they are not the only element. Associated collateral like packaging, stationery etc. are equally important in order to maintain brand salience.

Brand advisory

For existing brands, our advisory services help build/re-shape your brand.

Brand management

Maintaining your brand’s niche in the market requires continuous analysis and planning. Our brand management services help you maintain the desired reputation of the brand.

Brand promotion

Staying in the public eye means giving your brand a periodic boost though brand activation activities. 9th Art provides end-to-end event communication conceptualization, planning, and design support.


Our consulting services are geared towards marketers looking for new ideas in nascent or established markets. To this end, we provide Business Consulting Services, Marketing Plan Development, and Social Media Marketing


Communication strategy & Campaign development

How well you translate your marketing plan into communication directly affects the outcome of your efforts. We provide expertise in crafting campaigns and targeting relevant audiences.

Communication development

We provide content and design expertise for a variety of communication collateral including:

Direct Marketing: Mailers (electronic & print) | Advertising: Print & Digital | Social media channel management: Campaign management on Facebook, Twitter etc. | Website: Design, development & maintenance | Marketing collateral: Brochures & Fliers

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